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Calendar Beauty

My First DIY Post! Hey! I hope everyone's new year is off to a great start. I feel like I have hit the ground running since I got hired at Pottery Barn back in November and moving into my salon space just this past weekend, but I am so blessed to be doing things that I love. One project that I have already completed for the new year and one that I am so proud of: is my calendar for the year! Its has been a long standing tradition in my family that for Christmas my mom always got the whole family Calendars for the next year. For about the past five years she has made these calendars extra special and personalized them with family photos. … [Read more...]

Hi There! My Very First Post!!

Hey Everyone! I am SO excited that I am finally getting this process started. I originally intended to start this blog because I have family literally all over the world and I wanted them to be able to stay connected with me better. I find that sending a small christmas letter at the end of each year didn't really make me feel like my family truly knew all the "happenings" going on in my life. But as I thought about it more, I have a lot of creative ideas floating around all the time and I thought that blogging would be a great way to share my ideas with people and have them share ideas back to me! So family, friends, … [Read more...]