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Coffee Bar Beauty

Hey Everyone! I hope everyone is having a great Thursday! Thursday means it's almost Friday, yay! For those of us that work in doesn't really matter what day it is until it is your day off :) I m at home sick today, the flu has been going around the store and I knew it was only a matter of time till I got it, but tried my darn-dest to prevent it, obviously to no avail! I have noticed all throughout blog world and pinterest that creating cute little coffee bars right in your very own kitchen is a hot trend right now. As a twenty something working three jobs, I run on coffee so of course I got on this band wagon and decided to … [Read more...]

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone! Sometimes I feel like it can be a single person's worst nightmare…I just lied…it is a single person's worst nightmare! But this year I am not going to let it get the best of me, it is a day to celebrate love, and by love most people understand that to mean showing love towards a significant other, which I don't have right now and haven't had on the infamous "v-day" for the past few years now. The one time I did have a significant other on Valentine's day was in high school and I watched all the senior girls in years past get surprised with sweet notes on their car, flowers delivered to the classroom, big … [Read more...]

Trash To Treasure

Hey Everyone! Sorry I have been MIA! I have been busy working really hard at Pottery Barn, learning all of the new goodies that have come into the store for spring and learning all the furniture so I can give my clients that best advice when they are in the market, looking for a wonderful new piece of furniture. My skin care business is also starting to pick up after the holiday season, after the holidays and the sun is starting to come out and clients are starting to think about spring and want to step into that new pretty spring sun putting their best face forward! This post is one that I have had in the making for a while and … [Read more...]