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So I finally had a day off this past sunday, Woohoo!! Don't get me wrong I absolutely love both of my jobs but some days I just need a break, to recharge, sleep in, walk around my house and do absolutely nothing. I needed that this past sunday! But I didn't do anything of that, I did something else that I have been needing to do for a while and it makes me happy, paint! Yes, all sunday I painted my bedroom and tiny hallway and I m absolutely in love with the color I picked, my bedroom got a nice fresh pick me up. It will be on the blog soon, I m doing a little spring makeover to my bedroom and boy did it need it! No pictures for this post … [Read more...]

First Antique Shopping Adventure

So I m keeping up to my goal that I set for myself about blogging every tuesday and thursday, so far so good! Man, can I get an amen from my California peeps out there for it being spring and almost summer weather right now? Amen! I went to Ann Taylor Loft on monday and almost bought the entire store because I didn't have a stitch of spring/summer clothing in my closet and their prices were incredible. By the time I left, me and the girl from the dressing room were on a first name basis, I wishing her luck on her date with her boyfriend and she was wishing me luck on losing a few pounds before bikini season. I have several projects going … [Read more...]


Hello Everyone! I am so sorry I have been MIA, a lot going on right now and when I get home at night all I want to do is cook dinner and sleep. Man I am really living up my twenties right now huh? I have decided though, that I will be blogging ever Tuesday and Thursday so watch out for those posts! But I will give a sneak peak about why I have been so distracted lately outside of work….. Meet the newest member of the family: little Indi Belle! She is a sable and white shetland sheepdog and  she has us wrapped around her tiny paw. How could she not? Look at that face! I grew up with a shetland sheepdog, he was a family dog but he had a … [Read more...]