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Current Bedroom State!

Happy Friday Everyone! Is everybody LOVING this weather or what right now?! Well at least in Northern California, I guess. It is so pretty here right now, it isn't too hot yet and graduations are happening with lots of hope and excitement running through the air with our young graduates. The summer before I went to college was the best summer I ever had, just out of pure excitement of the next journey to come, so for all my young graduates out there: soak it all in, have some fun and decorate those dorm rooms!! :) Lot of exciting things are happening in my life right now, I say exciting now but if you asked me two days ago, I would have … [Read more...]

My To Do List

Hello! I'm back in the world of the living! applause, applause, applause... I am now a month and a half into having mono! Oh my gosh, if you haven't had it count your lucky stars, you are a blessed human being. We still aren't sure exactly how I got it but luckily I am now at the tail end of it. For two weeks straight all I did was sleep, if I showered, I was so exhausted afterwards that I would crawl back into bed still dripping wet, hair not combed and an all around definition of a mess. Well now I am back at work, but still am working lighter shifts because I have to go home to take a nap but the rest of my symptoms seem to have subsided. … [Read more...]