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Bedroom Update!

Pray for us over here in Vacaville, California! There is a pretty bad fire that started and it has made its way closer to Vacaville. Luckily I heard that it was 80% contained by yesterday, but still, it went through like 8,000 acres, I m hoping that not too much wildlife was affected because it is just really dry brush that is up there on those hills. But please pray for those that had to evacuate their homes. On a lighter note! So mr. Ace got a hair cut today and needless to say he wasn't too thrilled about it. Mommy took way to long to get him into the groomer and if you know anything about Maltipoos', they mat like no other, so his poor … [Read more...]

Puppy Update!

Happy Thursday friends! It's another beautiful day here in Northern California, its getting to be a little bit hotter than I would like, high 80's low 90's. I would much rather be cold than hot but I am currently in the wrong location for that so for right now I m learning to deal with this heat. A lot of you guys have been wanting a follow up to my post about my parents new Sheltand Sheepdog, Indi. Well I m happy to report that she is doing amazing, she has fit into our family perfectly, like she was always meant to be with us. Potty training her was pretty easy, although I don't live with my parents anymore, from observation, it looked … [Read more...]

Round up of life so far

Let me tell you the tale of a computer that became very sick and almost died on  me! Yep, that my friends was my very own! I got my Mac laptop my third year in college and I'm not quiet ready to give it up yet so I took it to the "laptop doc" and I'm happy to report that we are all better now! Yesterday I spent a whole TWO hours reading and replying to your comments, I love them! So keep them coming and please don't be afraid to request topics that you want to see me write about. I lot of you have been asking about my love life since my Valentine's Day post so I was going to elaborate more on that and how my life is as of right now. I … [Read more...]