About Me

Hi There!

I am Kelsi and welcome to my little corner of the internet! I am so incredibly excited to be sharing my journey with all of you, let me introduce myself a little bit…


I am a 26 year old, jesus loving, blonde haired, blued eyed gal and I am entering my third year in the real world as an official adult, a lot of young people in my shoes know its not as glamourous as it sounds.


I have my Interior Design degree and absolutely love the world of design and creating new spaces that will stand the test of time. I am working for an AMAZING company, Blue Mountain, located in Vacaville California. I am the head Interior Designer and Home Stager. I stage their custom, flipped and model community homes. I enjoy learning something new everyday about the industry but I also enjoy educating them on the current trends and implementing my creative design mind into current projects. I live in Vacaville, CA and rent a decent size one bedroom apartment, and although I love my apartment,  you will find that I am constantly battling and trying to make my apartment look beautiful and be full of character while still trying to stay within the limits of my rental agreement, its a frustrating, rewarding and frequently humorous battle. I have no idea if I’m going to get my security deposit back after my painting of the entire place and staining and sealing my back patio, but oh well, it has only added the beauty that is my apartment.

I am single, and obviously hope one day not to be, but for now I am enjoying the journey of finding my special Mr. So until he comes along, I m going to enjoy myself, live a full life and design some beautiful spaces along the way.

Have Questions? Email Me kelsifischer@att.net



Some Random Facts about Me:

I’m OCD some days and some days I could careless

I call it random OCD syndrome

I have lived in 3 states: Oregon, New Hampshire, California

I can be shy or the most outgoing person in the room, depends on my mood

I have a list of dog breeds I want to own in my lifetime

I rode horses for the college that I went to 

I m still potty training my 5 year old maltipoo

I hate wearing colorful clothing

I m the pickiest eater you will ever meet

I love doing laundry!

I love horror movies, hate romance and chic flicks

I will do almost anything for a cupcake

I enjoy my alone time

I love my family and family time

I always have to have the tv show Friends on to fall asleep

I am a one dish wonder, stir fry

My dream getaway is for my man to take me to Lake Tahoe for the weekend

I look up to my cousin, Erik

When I want to laugh, I always put on Seinfield

I sleep on the right side of the bed and won’t compromise 

My brother is a professional race care driver

I wish I could draw a lot better than I do

I hate computers and can never teach myself anything on them

I would rather be too cold than too hot

I love Saturday afternoon naps

I can’t read a book without finishing it in a couple days

I love pink peonies

I have to make the bed before I sleep in it

Every space I walk into I have to mentally take note of what I like and don’t like

My heaven on earth is Sisters, Oregon