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Hi All!

From my previous post you know why I haven’t posting as often as I would like to, I’m still trying adjust to my new schedule with my new dream job. I find that no two days are the same and unlike a lot of other people that look at the three walls of a cubicle all day, I actually have days where I am out in the field designing a home that is about to be put on the market or doing research for our next home community. On friday I was given the task of of picking out all of the materials and fixtures that will go into our new model home community in Hanford, CA. I had the hardest time holding back my happy dance until I was successfully away from prying eyes! This is truly a dream come true for me and I seriously cannot wait for work tomorrow!


So I got online friday night to check comments that you guys have left me and to my absolute bewilderment I had 1,000 comments! Oh my gosh!!!! Thank you guys so much for the lovely comments that you leave me, it is so incredibly sweet of you. I am absolutely amazed and truly blessed to have you guys as readers, I am trying to respond to as many as I can. I m currently in bed on this beautiful Sunday, I feel like I get sick way too much and this is one of things that I don’t need right now so if I need to sacrifice my weekend to get better, well by golly that is what I am going to do!

So I haven noticed that a lot of my comments have included people asking where they could donate to my blog and my cause. Which I don’t really know if I have a cause, what I’m sure you guys have gathered from my blog is that I am a simple twenty something trying to chase her dream, my dream to be a designer and provide people with beautiful spaces to live in. I truly believe that having a your home be your sanctuary sets you up and prepares you to deal with any task that you have to conquer when you are away from it. Having that home base to come back to and always knowing that you have a spot in this world to call your own is an amazing thing. So I thought about it for a while and wasn’t sure if I wanted to accept donations for the blog, I just wasn’t sure but after some thought and soul searching, I thought I would give you guys the opportunity too. A lot of you seem really invested in what I am doing and what I’m trying to do by chasing my dream and really want to help and I am so incredibly thankful for that. So I created a account for you those of you that would like to donate this where you can! Any donations that I receive will go to the updating and maintenance of the blog, while also paying for adventures that I will have around the bay area and then blog about. It will also go towards supplies for DIY decor ideas, you guys will see your money at work on the blog. You all have become so invested in my journey and I am so incredibly blessed and grateful for that! The link for the gofundme page is down below. I will be back Tuesday with a post about my porch!


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