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TwentySomethingHome Design Services

I love design, I love making a house into a home, the whole process of making an empty room into a room that you want to spend all your time in is so rewarding to me. Even the best of the best get stuck sometimes and need a fresh pair of eyes to make sure they are heading on the right track, or if its getting an idea that you haven’t even thought of yet. Simply getting a fresh pair of eyes on a project can do wonders or simply saying that you know what you like but don’t know how to get there is ok too.


Whatever your design situation is I am happy to help, I can work with any budget, any design idea that you might have or if you need ideas for your space. No project is to big or to small. Whether it be just a simple design question, or picking out paint colors, furniture placement or rearranging or overhauling an entire room, gutting a kitchen or bathroom and staring over, I can help.


There are a couple of different options that I have to accommodate everyone with their design needs, I am located in the bay area of California, so I have driven as far as Lake Tahoe to meet for a design consultation, so if you are located in the bay area and want me to come see your space that is defiantly an option. I also have email consultations for quick questions or for anyone not in the bay area. I can also give you suggestions for your space and create a design board to reference, that will perfectly tie in your space and look with purchase suggestions and furniture layout suggestions.


Like I said, no project is to big or to small. I love what I do and I love helping people turn their houses into homes.



Email me at: to get started!